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Video Workshop and Facilitator's Guide is available for FREE DOWNLOAD:

English version: (Spanish Version Here)

Or stream them online! Here are the youtube links:

  1. INTRODUCTION - 10min 38secs
  2. Getting Started - 11min 4secs
  3. Behind the Piquete - 8min 43secs
  4. Education and Health - 8min 9secs
  5. Autonomy and Horizontality - 6min 47secs
  6. Repression and Networks of Solidarity - 8min 4secs
  7. Race, Gender and Diversity - 7min 31secs
  8. NEW RELATIONS - 4min 21secs + credits

Above links not working? Want OGG or other formats? Try downloading fromt the internet archive site:
Four chapters here.
Four more chapters.

Or watch them streaming here!

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